5 Reasons Roses are the Best for Valentines Day

Published: Wednesday 10 January 2024

Welcome to Coastal Flora, your go-to Sunshine Coast florist! As we approach Valentine's Day, the ultimate celebration of love, it's time to talk about the star of the show, roses. 


Red roses aren't just any ordinary type of flower, they carry deep meanings and emotions, which is what makes them perfect for Valentine’s Day.


In this latest blog update from your local Sunshine Coast florist, we will be exploring what red roses mean and some of the key reasons why they are the best choice of flowers for surprising your loved one this Valentine’s Day.


What Is The Meaning Of A Red Rose?

Red roses are the ultimate expression of love.


Red roses are more than just a token of affection. They are universally recognised as the epitome of love and passion. 


Did you know that all flowers have meanings? That’s right, each flower has a meaning of its own, and the meaning for red roses is true love, passion, and admiration. That’s what makes them the best choice of flowers for Valentine’s Day.


Check out our True Love Dozen Roses or our Sweet Love Single Long Stem Rose for a classic expression of love.


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Classic Symbol of Love

For centuries, roses have been connected with love and romance. Their connection with romance spans various cultures and histories, making them a timeless symbol. In fact, we have been giving each other roses to express our love for over 5000 years, starting in China in 3000 BC!


Roses Are Long Lasting

Roses are popular flowers on Valentine’s Day not just for their iconic symbol of love, but because they are also long-lasting. 


With proper care, red roses can continue to look beautiful for up to a week. It's not just about the moment of receiving them, it's the lasting impression they leave. For a gift that endures, consider our Devotion Half Dozen Fresh Long Stem Roses.


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Roses Smell Amazing

The aroma of roses is as iconic as their appearance. Their delicate, sweet fragrance adds an extra layer of romance to your gift. It's a natural, subtle perfume that enhances the romantic atmosphere, making your Valentine's Day even more memorable.


The Ultimate Romantic Gesture This Valentine’s Day

Gifting roses on Valentine's Day goes beyond tradition, it's the ultimate romantic gesture. It's a way of saying I love you that no other flowers can do. Roses, particularly red roses, are a bold declaration of love.


Roses Are Iconically Beautiful

Last but not least, the beauty of roses. Each red rose is a work of art from nature, symbolising the unique beauty of your relationship. Their stunning appearance makes them a joy to give and receive on Valentine’s Day.


Pre Order Your Valentine’s Day Flowers

Don’t wait until the last minute and skip the long lines when buying roses for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. You can pre order your Valentine’s Day flower bouquets and arrangements as early as now.


You can include messages on your flower orders and we’ll make sure it gets delivered right on time.


If your order is over $200, you'll get free delivery! Local delivery in the 4551 area code is $15. Other Sunshine Coast areas delivery fees ranges from $20 to $25. You are also welcome to pick your flower order up from us.


FAQs About Our Red Roses

What Types of Red Roses Do You Offer?

At Coastal Flora, we offer a variety of red roses to suit your needs. From the classic elegance of our True Love Dozen Roses to the simplicity of our Sweet Love Single Long Stem Rose, we have the perfect rose bouquet and arrangement for every occasion.


How Long Do Your Red Roses Last?

With proper care, our red roses can last up to a week or more. We provide care instructions with every flower bouquet and flower arrangement to help you keep your roses looking fresh and vibrant.


Do You Offer Same-Day Delivery for Red Roses?

Yes, we offer same-day flower delivery for orders placed before 1:30 PM. This ensures that your red roses arrive fresh and on time. Check our delivery zones on our website to see if we cover your area.


Can I Include a Personal Message with My Red Rose Order?

Of course! A personal message adds a special touch to your flower delivery. You can include a custom message during the checkout process, and we'll make sure it's delivered along with your roses.


How Should I Care for My Red Roses Once They Arrive?

Your red roses will come with care instructions. Generally, to make your roses last longer, you need to keep them in a cool place, trim the stems regularly, and change the water every two days.


Order Red Roses With Coastal Flora

This Valentine's Day, let Coastal Flora help you express your deepest feelings with our selection of red roses. As your trusted Sunshine Coast florist, we offer same-day flower delivery, ensuring your romantic gesture arrives fresh and beautiful. 


Choose from our selection of Valentine’s Day flower bouquets and arrangements, including the True Love Dozen Roses, Sweet Love Single Long Stem Rose, and Devotion Half Dozen Fresh Long Stem Roses, to make this Valentine's Day unforgettable.


Remember, when it comes to expressing love, nothing says it quite like a bouquet of stunning red roses. Trust Coastal Flora, your Sunshine Coast florist, for your Valentine's Day floral needs. With our same-day flower delivery service, your message of love will be delivered with care.


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